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Xbox One and PlayStation 4: Microsoft will hopefully be doing similar stuff to that, I imagine — we're only disclosed on PS4 so I don't know for sure, they're not dumb though. Some are calling it the best E3 in five years — others insist it's the best of all time.

As with PlayStation 4 , games can be sold and exchanged freely. It was confusing, it was enraging, it was console war — and the first casualty of console war is sense. can someone write my paper for me legit Its 3D scanner can identify much subtler movements, and it can recognise voices and faces.

Plus, Sony has all those indie developers that it's been courting, adding Mercenary Kings, Daylight, Don't Starve and Transistor to the line-up. PlayStation 4 promises cloud computing too, but the technology provided by Gaikai will also allow immediate playable access to digital titles — so as soon as you select a demo or full game on the PlayStation Store, the first chunk will be accessible. seo writing service optimization Sony undercuts Xbox One and banks on gamer-friendly options. Sony isn't saying much else, apart from showing off a range of compatible mini-games at E3.

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Microsoft promises a similar remote playing feature via Xbox One utilising its Skype service. Arguably, Microsoft just shades it there, with some heavyweight third-party support, courtesy of Crytek and Capcom. For years, mirthless middle-aged pundits in their global financial research companies have been predicting the death of consoles.

Xbox One meanwhile, will have Forza Motorsports 5, Ryse: The company wants to change the way the games industry works; that's a tough sell to gamers, who are, ironically, an extremely conservative customer base. Both Xbox One and PS4 will have the following titles at launch: Both the Xbox One and PS4 will offer 'second screen' interaction:

Microsoft is also telling journalists that the device's IR camera will detect changes in blood flow beneath the skin, thereby working out your heart rate — if you're out of breath, scared or stressed, Xbox One will know. And of course, both machines allow you to watch Blu-ray and DVD movie discs, and both support 4K output when that becomes an issue. Sony isn't saying much else, apart from showing off a range of compatible mini-games at E3.

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Xbox one is here ; PS4 is right over there. He has asked to remain anonymous, but this is what he wrote Xbox One v PS4 heavyweight clash dominates day one.

But in general terms, this is a relatively strong opening for a new generation. No one expected the Mega Drive to take off like it did in the States and Europe; and before anyone saw it, almost everyone wrote off the Wii after the under-performing GameCube. automatic essay writing question answers Some are calling it the best E3 in five years — others insist it's the best of all time. But it isn't, not yet.

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Microsoft has abandoned plans to control the sale of pre-owned titles and limit how many people you can lend your Xbox One games too. Before you start, why not check out what the console makers want you to know about their machines? Who won, who lost?

Let's not forget the fun part. All the focus was on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, while new titles lacked diversity — is the medium really moving forward? So after the fanfare and bluster of the launches, what can gamers expect next from their chosen machine? But through Sony's Remote Play technology, PS4 owners will be able to access and play their games via their Vita and a local Wi-Fi connection — so if you're unable to use your main TV, you can grab your handheld and play DriveClub on its lovely little 5-inch display.

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